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FRMs Oak Woodland Restoration Projects

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Oak Woodland Restoration on 30 acres of late-stage conifer encroachment

Timber harvesting was utilized to fund this restoration project. Trees were carefully felled to protect heritage oaks and skidded back to the landing to be manufactured into logs. An excavator with a masticator head was utilized to mulch small fir and pine throughout the stand. The following pictures show the before and after view of the stand demonstrating the drastic change effected by this type of forest restoration.



Canopy Before

Canopy After

Many oak seedlings are beginning to sprout 6 months after the treatment.

Oak Ridge Douglas-fir reduction

The Squirrel and the Cross NTMP

The image above was taken in 2021 after the removal and chipping of thousands of 1"- 6" DBH Douglas-fir trees from approximately 300 acres of historic Oak Woodlands. This project is the initial phase of a larger scale restoration effort initiated in 2020 to restore and protect 2,100 acres of this imperiled ecosystem.

The ridge location was determined to be the most critical place to start since it provides an effective shaded fuel break for the rest of the ranch. Chips were cast throughout to help prevent non-native species from sprouting while improving water retention.

Oak Woodland Conifer Transition Zone (lop and scatter treatment)

The Squirrel and the Cross NTMP

Before Treatment

After Treatment

The above before and after photos represent a transition zone between an Oak Woodland and Conifer Forest type. Removing the dense conifer regeneration reveals a more three-dimensional fire-resilient forest stand with a plethora of habitat and abundance of diverse vegetation.

2022 Planned Oak Woodland Restoration Projects

Above are the before pictures taken from a 55-acre Oak Woodland Restoration project that will be completed in 2022. The conifer encroachment was more advanced in this stand, allowing for the utilization of timber harvesting to pay for the restoration work. Check back for photo updates as this work is completed.

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