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Forest Management Plan

Forest management plans, also referred to as Forest Improvement Plans are dynamic, custom forestland blueprints designed to meet landowner objectives. They can include one or all of the following:

Non-Industrial Timber Management Plans (NTMPs)

Oak woodland Restoration

Forest Rehabilitation


Wildfire Resilience Plans

Management plans are utilized to improve forest infrastructure and overall health while creating a fire resilient forest.  

The forest management plan varies depending on the landowner's goals and objectives as well as the property size.  At FRM, your customized plan will be developed by a registered professional forester with years of experience managing forestlands while navigating California's regulatory system. 

 Often times a forest management plan will generate funds through a sustainable timber harvest schedule. Depending on the management goals, current forest conditions, and availability, CFIP, EQIP, and or NBFIP funding may be available to fund some of these forest improvement plans.

If your goals are more centered on obtaining a conservation easement or selling carbon credits, FRM can incorporate a scientifically defensible timber appraisal or carbon credit verification into the forest management plan. 

Frontier Resource Management

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