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Oak Woodland Restoration

California Oak Woodlands are a critical habitat type for a multitude of wildlife species, while serving an important cultural function for many Native American tribes. Fire exclusion throughout the 20th century has led to increased conifer encroachment which threatens these crucial ecosystems. Oak Woodland Restoration is an effective way to enhance a natural fire break while conserving these imperiled habitats. Certain properties may qualify for funding reimbursements through EQIP, CFIP, and the NBFIP.

A 200-year-old stand of oaks can be outcompeted and replaced by 60 year-old conifers if not managed correctly. Through the use of timber harvest, conifer sapling removal and strategic re-introduction of burning practices, these imperative ecosystems can be protected into the future. Reach out to a forestry consultant today to find out if an Oak Woodland Restoration plan would benefit your property.

See FRMs Oak Woodland Restoration Projects for examples of completed and ongoing restoration efforts.

Frontier Resource Management

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